The Fight for Salvation

Laetare Sunday 2023 As we pass the middle of Lent, we are given this Sunday a spirit of joy.  The Holy Catholic Church is the new Jerusalem, and we, as the Church Militant, are called to fight for our salvation with the use of prayer and the sacraments.  There are no exceptions when it comes…


Priestly Life: Human and Divine

Conference From First Friday November 2014 To teach, rule, and sanctify are the three powers priests must employ to accomplish their purpose on earth.  Through preaching the priest shares the fruits of all he knows.  In ruling the priest is able to organize society according to the principals of the Church.  By sanctifying the priest…


What the Transfiguration Promises

Sermon From The 2nd Sunday of Lent 2014 At the Transfiguration, Christ took three apostles that represent three virtues. St. Peter represents duty, St. James represents knowledge, and St. John represents love. It was as if Christ relaxed and allowed His Divinity to shine through His human nature. This was shown to the apostles and…

Servants of the Holy Family