Bulletin for week of 5 July-2020



  • Father Ward’s surgery is scheduled for Friday, July 10th, at 10am. Please continue to pray for him.
  • We remind you to continue to respect Father’s privacy; so do not try to find out which hospital Father is in, visit him or call the hospital to talk to him.
  • Revised Mass attendance and Confessions announcement. See our website for details. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • You may also view the Sunday and Daily Masses on the Livestream on our website.
  • Please check the sign-up.com website to see what group is assigned to which Mass each week.
  • Daily Mass schedule: one Mass at 8:30am, Monday through Wednesday; the Chapel is closed as usual on Thursday.
  • The Chapel will be closed this week on Friday and Saturday for seal coating of the driveway. There will be no scheduled Masses on those days and no Confessions on Saturday.
  • Remember to please keep voices low and close doors quietly before, during and after Mass and Confessions.
  • Those of you who wish to assist us in cleaning the Chapel may do so at the usual time of after the 8:30am Mass on Mondays. Please sign up on the sign-up.com website if you are interested in helping.
  • No Confessions will be heard today, July 5.
  • A note about Confessions: please wait and be patient if the priest is not there thirty minutes before Mass; he may be finishing offering Mass or another duty and will be there as soon as he is able.
  • Reminder: When coming to receive the Sacrament of Penance, please stand in the waiting room or classroom, keeping the social distance of six feet. Come to Confession as soon as you see the person ahead of you leave. Please close the door to Office A when going to Confession. Leave the door open afterwards.





SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2020


         Please arrive by 1pm on Sunday to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort  3225 Broadmoor Valley Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906


         Please wear your masks to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort until you are inside the banquet room.


         Please observe entrance and exit patterns surrounding the banquet room, restrooms and lobby.


         Assigned seating is required, keeping family grouping together as much as possible. Please check in at the lobby table for your table number. Then please go directly to your assigned table – please do not congregate.


         Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no receiving line before or after the luncheon.


         Gift tables will be available at the banquet room entrances to leave cards and gifts for the Fathers.


         Special commemorative holy cards for each priest will be available. Adults 18 and up, please take TWO cards per Priest. Young people First Communion age up to 17, please take ONE card per Priest.


         There will be a Group Blessing from the three Priests at the end of the banquet.




(updated July 5, 2020)


The Sunday Mass schedule for today, July 5, 2020 is the following:


7:00am    = Group “C”

8:30am    = Group “A”

10:00am   = Group “B”


The Mass schedule for next Sunday, July 12, 2020 is the following:


7:00am   = Group “B”

8:30am   = Group  C”

10:00am  = Group “A”


Please check the vestibule bulletin board so you will know in which group you are.


Our Sunday Mass schedule is based on the El Paso County Variance dated June 5, 2020.  Our chapel is a “critical service” as found in Colorado Orders D2020 044 and 20-28 and is open following their guidelines.


We will post the upcoming Sunday Mass schedules each week.  Please check the Signup app on the homepage for this also.


Also, the Signup app on the homepage can be used to volunteer for chapel cleaning on Mondays after the 8:30am Mass.  Thank you for cleaning Our Lord’s home.



SUNDAY MASS – In order to maintain the state regulations for social distancing in assemblies, those attending Sunday Mass must observe our reserved seating in the chapel.  Contact us to know which group designation is yours.  The 10:00am Mass will have a sermon also.

Confessions Schedule

CONFESSIONS – Confessions will be heard starting 30 minutes before each weekend Mass time for those attending that Mass.  Please be patient and wait as priest may be coming from offering Mass to hear confessions.

Also, Confessions are available for those requesting an appointment.

Please remember that anyone can regain the state of grace (removal of the guilt of mortal sins and the eternal punishment attached to them) by making a devout act of contrition with the intention of confessing his sins as soon as possible.

    1. Please no sick persons or those with symptoms of illness.
    2. No infants or children under 8 years of age should accompany the penitent on the property.
    3. The confession is heard in Office A (not Office B which is too close to the fan and it may be difficult to hear the penitent).
    4. The priest and penitent wears a mask. The penitent must provide his own mask and be properly wearing it when he arrives at the door.
    5. The penitent is 6 feet away from the priest during the confession, kneeling behind the screen and row of chairs.
    6. The door in the corridor near the utility room is closed beforehand.
    7. If more than one person is waiting for Confession, he or she is to remain in the waiting room or classroom (with door open) until the previous penitent has left.
    8. No differences were mentioned about hearing the confessions of men, women and children.

Chapel Opens

Feasts this Week:

Sunday, Jul 5: St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Monday, Jul 6: St. Maria Goretti

Tuesday: Jul 7: SS. Cyrial and Methodius

Wednesday, Jul 8: St. Elizabeth of Portugal

Thursday, Jul 9: St. Thomas More, St. Veronica Giuliani

Friday, Jul 10: Seven holy Brothers

Votive Mass this week:

Monday: Eternal High Priest

Thursday: Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Saturday: Blessed Virgin Mary

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Servants of the Holy Family