Bulletin for week of MAY 2, 2021



Today, May 2, First Holy Communion Sunday:

Confessions before Mass at 8:15am

Low Mass 9am

Confessions after Mass

Reception in the Hall today for the Children who made their First Holy Communion. Everyone is encouraged to come to congratulate the Children.

There will be Blessing of Articles after Mass today.

No Benediction this evening.

Photos and Videos may be taken during today’s ceremony as long as there are no flashes, beeping or clicking during the Mass or First Holy Communion.

Group photos will be available in the Chapel after the Mass and in the Hall during the Reception.


Mass schedule this week:

* Monday through Saturday: 8:30am

* Thursday: No scheduled Mass, Holy Hour and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 7pm

* First Friday: Mass at 8:30am followed by Spiritual Conference and the Rosary

* First Saturday: Mass 8:30am

* Next Sunday: Mass 9:00am


  • Monday: Cleaning of the Chapel after the 8:30am Mass.
  • Obligation to fulfill your Easter Duty (receiving Holy Communion) ends on Trinity Sunday (May 30).
  • Remember to please keep voices low and before, during and after Mass and Confessions and to speak softly when going to Confession.
  • You may view the Sunday and Daily Masses on the Livestream on our website.
  • Please see Revised Announcement about Mass Attendance guidelines posted on the bulletin board and our website. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Please keep the two reserved pews on the Gospel side in the back of the Chapel free for parents with small children.
  • Parents with infants and small children are asked to use the cry room (Classroom) during Masses and all other ceremonies.
  • Please turn off your cell phones and watch alarms before entering the Chapel. Make sure they are muted or turned off so that they do not ring or vibrate during Mass. Also, remind guests that attend Mass with you to turn off their cellphones.
  • Lost and Found Items and Cooking containers and Dishes are in the black cabinet and white closet in the Classroom. Please pick them up after Mass today.

Confessions Schedule

Saturday, May 8: 8:00am – 8:30am and after 8:30am Mass

Sunday, May 9: 8:30am – 9:00am and after 9:00am Mass

(Confession available upon request)

Please remember to speak softly when going to Confession.

Reminder:  The Confessions will be heard in the Confessional in the Chapel from now on (not Office A).

Please remember that anyone can regain the state of grace (removal of the guilt of mortal sins and the eternal punishment attached to them) by making a devout act of contrition with the intention of confessing his sins as soon as possible.

    1. Please no sick persons or those with symptoms of illness.
    2. The Confessions will be heard in the Confessional in the Chapel from now on (not Office A).

Chapel Opens

Feasts this Week:

Sunday, May 2: St. Athanasius

Monday, May 3: SS. Alexander and Companions and St. Juvenal

Tuesday, May 4: St. Monica

Wednesday, May 5: St. Pius V

Friday, May 7: St. Stanislaus

Votive Mass this week:

Monday and Thursday: Mass of Fourth Sunday after Easter

Saturday: Blessed Virgin Mary

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Servants of the Holy Family