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3rd Sunday After Epiphany - January 23, 2022

This Epistle shows that Jew and Gentile are both called to share in the kingdom of Christ and to be members of the mystical Body of which He is the Head. All alike subjects of he divine mercy and one in Jesus Christ, must love one another like brethren, and leave it to almighty God to exact vengeance for any injury one may have received. After Our Lord’s coming in mercy will follow His coming in judgment and then will He render to each according to his works. (Epistle Romans 12, 16-21)
In these two miracles of Our Lord, recorded in today’s Gospel, we have proofs of His divinity and types of His redemptive work for both Jew and Gentile. He came to cure them of the leprosy and palsy of sin. Happy are they, who believing in Christ, are healed by Him. As for the rest, they will be driven from His Kingdom when He, the sovereign King, shall return at the end of time, to punish the wicked and reward the good.(Gospel Matthew 8 , 1-13) St. Andrew Missal
Today is also the feast of the famous Dominican St. Raymund of Pennafort who is depicted above in his miraculous crossing from Majorca to Barcelona.


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