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15th Sunday after Pentecost - Sept. 22, 2019

Concerning the Gospel (Luke 7, 11-16) for this Sunday St. Augustine says: “If the raising of this young man from the dead filled his widowed mother with joy, our Mother, the Church, rejoices too, when day by day she sees men rising from the dead.  The widow’s son was dead with death of the body, but these others with the death of the soul.  Men outwardly mourned the death of the former which took place before their eyes, but the hidden death of the latter was not cared for, or even perceived by the outside world.  He who knew these dead souls cared for them, and He alone knew them who could restore their life…Let him who sees himself lying in this death take means to rise again with speed.” (St. Andrew Missal).
Above is a picture of St. Thomas of Villanova whose feast is today also.


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