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Value of the Holy Mass

“God is more honored by a single Mass than He could be by all actions of angels and men together however fervent and heroic they may be. How seldom do we thank Jesus Christ that, in doing away with all other sacrifices, he has left us a sacrifice that cannot fail. It may be that in praying, fasting, and giving alms I offend God by my bad intention or by the way I act, more than I glorify Him. Perhaps my acts of penance merit punishment rather than cancel it, and my alms render me still a greater debtor to God; but when I hear Mass, when I offer the holy sacrifice as a priest or as a member of the Church, I can with full courage and confidence defy heaven to do anything that pleases God more. Then I can ask for pardon and be sure of obtaining it no matter how great or numberless my sins. Whatsoever I hope for and desire I can pray for confidently. I can ask for great graces for myself and others. My only fear is that I shall ask too little.” (Bl. Claude de la Colombiere)

Thank you for your interest in requesting the offering of a traditional Latin Mass. We do accept requests for the offering of the traditional Latin Mass. The Mass intention and other pertinent information concerning it can be entered once you add this to your cart.

For various reasons we are not able to promise dates for Masses and so all requests for Masses are received with the understanding that we may offer them when convenient.

For requesting a traditional Latin Mass online, there is a minimum stipend of $21.00. $20.00 is for the celebrant of the Mass which represents the donor’s gratitude for the priest’s dedication of the ministerial fruits of the Mass for the donor’s intention. The stipend is not a payment for the Mass. The extra $1.00 provides for the credit card and processing fees associated with the stipend.

Information about Gregorian Masses for the dead and how to obtain them may be found here…

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