Brown Scapulars



Handmade by the Carmelite Sisters

The Brown Scapular (from Latin scapulae meaning shoulders) is a sacramental, an object blessed by the Church to give grace. The Brown Scapular consists of two rectangular pieces of wool cloth that are connected by bands. One rectangle hangs over the chest of the wearer, while the other rests on the back, with the bands running over the shoulders. The scapular is a sign of Our Lady’s maternal protection and as a personal commitment to follow Our Lord in the footsteps of his Mother, the perfect model of all His disciples.

These brown scapulars are handmade by the nuns of 100% wool and have beautiful emblems attached with a hand-embroidered edge. Each brown scapular is made sturdy and long-lasting by the Sisters and is washable. The braided strings are 18″ (46 cm).

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