Pray For Their Rest

All Souls Day 2023
The Mass of the dead is really the Mass of life.  Virtually nobody prays for the dead, which is a great injustice.  Although Purgatory is not formally denied, it is simply never mentioned.  We must pray for the priests and religious who held fast to the true traditions of our Faith, and all the faithful who were buried from our Chapel.  When we die, we are incapable of making any more choices, and are unable to merit or demerit.  Nothing sullied can be in the presence of God, and the justice of God demands that we make up for our sins.  Few people in this life make satisfaction for their temporal punishment so God in his mercy offers them Purgatory.  It is a place of great joy and great longing.  God has ennobled our prayers so that what we pray can affect our neighbor.  God will grant mercy to the Holy Souls on the condition that we ask.


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