God’s Gift to Man

Christmas Midnight Mass 2022 This is the Feast of light, the Feast of Hope, the Feast of Victory, but this feast is also a Gift to us.  A gift is valuable because it contains the giver, just as offering a meal to a friend is a way of sharing oneself.  This is most perfectly exemplified…


Ever Virgin

Sermon From The Octave of Nativity 2022 This holyday of obligation renews all the joy and happiness of Christmas, recalls the Circumcision which took place on this day and honors the Blessed Mother.  St. Luke in his account of the Annunciation is precise in his language as he records Our Lady’s words that she does…


We Are Not Yet Home

Sermon From The 3rd Sunday after Easter 2014 ✟Father Violette We know that God is every quality that is good and the Blessed Mother is the creature closest to imitating this infinite perfection.  She is the model that mothers should imitate.  Heaven, where we are immune from all suffering, is meant to be our home…

Servants of the Holy Family