Our Redemption Has Begun

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2015
What beautiful words the angel spoke to the Virgin Mary: “Nothing shall be impossible with God.”  Everything is under God’s power, and He is the Author of all.  We all exist to manifest the goodness of our Creator.  Evil is only permitted to occur so we may be sanctified by it.  This is called the Golden Mass because of its beauty and the many favors that are granted to those who pray fervently on this day.  This is the beginning of our redemption.  In the silent moment after the fiat of the Blessed Mother and the departure of the angel, the Son of God became man.  Christ became a priest at the moment of His conception, because in Him the whole cosmos is united.


Nothing Without God

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The Compendium of All Religion

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A Vocation Worth the Fight

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