Now God Has A Name

Christmas Octave 2024
The saints of the Christmas season are St. Stephen, the model of resistance against unbelief, St. John, the Apostle against division within the Church, and the Holy Innocents, who are the models standing against corrupt governments.  Today is the feast of the Circumcision, which offers proof of the true humanity of Christ, because on this day He shed the first drops of His Precious Blood.  In participating in this ceremony of the Old Law, Christ was associated with us sinners, and will be for all eternity.  Today God was given a name that all could utter.  When we call upon the name of Jesus, we ask God to save our soul.  Today is also the Solemnity of Mary which proclaims the Virgin Birth.


Be Resourceful for Holiness

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The Gift of Wisdom

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God’s Promises Accomplished

Conference on 1st Friday July 2024 In St. Paul’s instruction to the young bishop, St. Timothy, he emphasized the importance of s...

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