The Priesthood


Hold True To Principle And To Christ!

We Belong In Heaven

Penance And Priesthood

Priest After The Heart of Christ

Saint Pius X, Our Pope

This Is God’s Blood

Crave The Eucharist

Foretaste Of The Holy Mass

To Serve God Is To Reign


That Is Your Call

Does God Not Have Rights Too?

Child Of Divine Choice

Keep The First Fervor

O, Banquet Most Precious

Restore The Holy Eucharist

What Is Keeping Me From God?

Child Of Grace

Sacrament Of The Mystery

Pledge Your Loyalty

Sacrament Of Life

Depart From Me For I Am A Sinful Man

His Heavenly Priesthood

Remember The Bells Of Joy

Be Prepared To Enter Heaven

We Are Children Of The Promise


Priestly Life: Human and Divine

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    Servants of the Holy Family