Saint Pius X, Our Pope

1st Friday Conference, October 2021
This conference begins with a sobering account of the current problems with the validity of the sacraments because of the devil’s hatred of priests and the means of salvation.  The story of today’s Saint Remy is encouraging in the face of this new paganism because this holy bishop baptized Clovis which began the life of the eldest daughter of the Church – France.  This month is dedicated to the Holy Rosary and quotations about it from the saints encourage us to pray it devoutly.  Finally, we recall our holy pope, St. Pius X, who enriched the Church and souls during his papacy.  His love for God and neighbor was evident in his efforts to preserve the Faith pure and undefiled, to honor Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix, to emphasize the Liturgy, increase devotion to the Holy Eucharist, increase study of the Bible, restore Gregorian chant, revise the Code of Canon Law, reform the Breviary and much more.  His sanctity was attested by conversions and miracles during his lifetime and during this canonization process.  He is our strong protector and supporter today against the evil of modernism.


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