Sermons Of Holy Week 2020

Palm Sunday

“Jesus, Come To Me, Embrace Me” – The palm is a sign of victory and why it was used to welcome Christ into the Holy City…

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Holy Thursday

“Restore The Holy Eucharist” – These mysterious days in which we are living have as their root cause the mistreatment of Our Lord in the most sacred sacrament of the altar…

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Good Friday

“She Is In Bitter Grief” – On this day, the Divine Love of the Sacred Heart shed every drop of His Precious Blood for us…

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Easter Vigil

“Faith And Gratitude At Easter” – These are the last moments of Lent and culminate in the greatest vigil of the liturgical year…

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Easter Midnight

We do not want to abandon our penitential and prayerful spirit of the last forty days but incorporate this into our interior life during the Paschal season.
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Easter Sunday Morning

“Understanding Is The Gift Of Easter” – As believers were rewarded by seeing Our Lord glorious and immortal so we today can see God through Faith enlightened by the gift of understanding…

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Servants of the Holy Family