Confession, Contrition, Satisfaction

2nd Sunday in Lent 2018 During Lent it is important to stir up sorrow for our sins and to receive the Sacrament of Penance.  The older form for the penitent to use in the confessional expressed aspects of this beautiful sacrament that we should appreciate.  If received well,  this sacrament can even make us holier than just…


Priestly Life: Human and Divine

Conference From First Friday November 2014 To teach, rule, and sanctify are the three powers priests must employ to accomplish their purpose on earth.  Through preaching the priest shares the fruits of all he knows.  In ruling the priest is able to organize society according to the principals of the Church.  By sanctifying the priest…


Conversion of Life

Sermon From Sexagesima Sunday 2014 We are reminded at this Mass that we are in need of a conversion of life.  However, since knowledge does not equal virtue, so we must place ourselves in a retreat from the world in order to accomplish this goal.  We must have a true desire to convert ourselves and…


Examination for the New Year

Sermon From Last Sunday After Pentecost 2013 At the end, Christ will come openly for all to see, and yet many evil people will remain unrepentant.  Why?  Because they do not want to be converted.  We must not be among them, and we must begin our preparation now by using the sacrament of Penance and…

Servants of the Holy Family