Our Humiliations

Sermon From 10th Sunday After Pentecost 2014 This week we have the feasts of St. Helen and St. Bernard who entered religious life with thirty relatives and friends who accompanied him.  This is the Sunday of Humility when we remember where we came from so we do not fall.  St. Paul reminds Corinthians of their…


Our Mediator To God

Sermon From The Feast Of Saints Peter & Paul 2014 The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church because Christ protects it and has built it on the rock of St. Peter.  We know much about St. Peter from the Gospels and about St. Paul from the Acts and the Epistles.  They mirrored…


What the Transfiguration Promises

Sermon From The 2nd Sunday of Lent 2014 At the Transfiguration, Christ took three apostles that represent three virtues. St. Peter represents duty, St. James represents knowledge, and St. John represents love. It was as if Christ relaxed and allowed His Divinity to shine through His human nature. This was shown to the apostles and…


The Devil’s Weapon

Sermon From Septuagesima Sunday 2014 We have begun a new season, and we are in a transition preparing us for Lent.  We must be aware of what we are struggling against in this season of examination.  This Sunday focuses especially on Original Sin and the story of Adam and Eve.  We have been thrown out…


The Irony of God

Sermon From The 3rd Sunday after Epiphany 2014 The conversion of St. Paul was the single most important moment in the spread of the Church.  St. Stephen’s prayer, as he was stoned to death, called down on Saul the grace of his conversion.  This conversion in St. Paul meant a real change, unlike the half…

Servants of the Holy Family