Change Self – Change the World

Feast Of Saints Peter And Paul 2016

In this sermon, we are reminded of the heroic lives of Saints Peter and Paul as the pillars of the Faith.  We too must have the great love and generous hearts as they did.  Despite the sad situation around us we can change our lives by becoming saints and thereby change the world.



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Fundamentals For Fatherhood

2nd Sunday after Pentecost 2022 With the vocation of fatherhood being so attacked in the world today, it is more important than ev...

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Guarantee of Heaven

Feast Of Corpus Christi 2022 The Mass, renewing our Savior’s death on the cross, replaced all the rites of the Old Law.  No...

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A Crown For The Trinity

Trinity Sunday 2022 Although the feast of the Holy Trinity did not exist in the earliest days of the Church, today it is presented...

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Servants of the Holy Family