Lest We Forget

3rd Sunday In Lent 2023 We must never presume that our way is better than God’s.  During this season we should read the texts for each Mass, even if we are unable to attend them.  Through them we are taught the importance of Baptism and the mercy of God, and we are instructed as the…


The Rosary Of Peace

18th Sunday After Pentecost 2022 “Pray the Rosary for peace…”  This was the instruction of the Blessed Mother at Fatima.  We were given this great sacramental for our protection, so that we might pray with the Holy Mother of God and through her, and she might supply what is lacking in our prayers.  In reciting…


Lent Is A Season Of Joy

Ash Wednesday 2022 Septuagesima season has prepared us for this time of removing sin from our lives.  This should comfort us as we begin this time of penance.  When examining our conscience we should not look at self but at Our Lord crucified to realize the effects of our evil on Him.  Lent is the…


God Speaks Through Reading

25th Sunday After Pentecost 2021 In today’s Gospel about the mustard seed Our Lord teaches us the importance of the spiritual life in a world that seems so foreign to His kingdom.  We should make a perfect act of charity daily, practice mental prayer and spiritual reading.  We have an apostolate to prisoners and there…


Lessons From Lenten Masses

Sermon From 4th Sunday In Lent – Laetare Sunday 2014 On this day of the Golden Rose, the Church is instructed to rejoice.  “Rejoice Jerusalem!”  Remember that Lent is for the catechumens and penitents, and just like them, we can receive instruction by reading the texts of the Masses for this season.  From this Epistle…

Servants of the Holy Family