Lent Is A Season Of Joy

Ash Wednesday 2022
Septuagesima season has prepared us for this time of removing sin from our lives.  This should comfort us as we begin this time of penance.  When examining our conscience we should not look at self but at Our Lord crucified to realize the effects of our evil on Him.  Lent is the bond of unity in the Church when we all struggle together. By  Penance we understand different things.  It is the sacrament, a moral virtue and the acts flowing from it.  Ashes are given today because they are one of the three major sacramentals in the Church and remind us powerfully of death which is the consequence of Adam’s sin.  Finally, practical suggestions are given to help us choose and practice spiritual exercises which will make Lent truly beneficial for us.


Lest We Forget

3rd Sunday In Lent 2023 We must never presume that our way is better than God’s.  During this season we should read the texts f...

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Not Of This World

1st Sunday In Lent 2023 The ashes distributed on Ash Wednesday are a reminder that all the descendants of Adam came from the dust ...

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Season of Consolation

Ash Wednesday 2023 We think of the sins we must avoid but rarely do we think of the virtues we must practice.  How often when we ...

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Servants of the Holy Family