Saint Anne

8th Sunday After Pentecost 2020
This Sunday has the beautiful Epistle from St. Paul about how the Holy Ghost prays from inside the souls of the saints with the loving name of “Abba” for God the Father.  The challenging Gospel is a parable that Christ used to teach His followers to imitate the cleverness of worldlings in their use of material things for furthering their purposes.  Of course, Our Lord was not promoting their evil lives.  Also, although not celebrated today because of the Sunday, this is the feast of St. Anne and a wonderful opportunity to praise her and to learn more about the mother of the Virgin Mary.  Outside the pages of the New Testament, there is information about Our Lady’s parents and what kind of people they were.  These non-canonical writings give their names and stories about their lives which include anecdotes about their daughter and her Son.  We also hear about the ancient devotion of the faithful to Saint Anne and how it continues today, especially in the Canadian basilica built in her honor.


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Keep The First Fervor

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Servants of the Holy Family