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Feast of St. Joseph 2022
Devotion to St. Joseph can be seen in the testimony of St. Teresa, Mary of Agreda and the prophetic words of Isidore of Isolanus.  It flows from his vocation as spouse of the Mother of God which was an essential component of the Incarnation and guarding of Our Lady and the Son of God.  St. Joseph had purity which enabled him to fulfill this role, not only towards the Blessed Virgin but as a virginal father to Christ in imitation of God the Father.  St. Joseph was a pious man who led the Holy Family in their liturgical observances and is the first traditional Catholic.  He often was faced with challenges that tested his virtue, but he relied on God for assistance which always came.  Therefore St. Joseph is patron of all people and walks of life so we can go to him with confidence.


His Battle Is Continued In Us

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The Lowest of God’s Creatures

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