Hear the Word and Keep It

Third Sunday In Lent 2022
Yesterday’s feast of St. Joseph with the solemn Mass was another encouraging grace during our Lenten retreat days.  Now St. Joseph prepares us for this week’s feast of the Annunciation which celebrates the Incarnation and the beginning of our redemption.  Every day in Lent has its own Mass and stational church which are meant to give us unique graces as we prepare for Holy Week.  Recent Masses taught us the devotion we should have to the Holy Eucharist and another the punishments that follow upon on sins of lying.  Today the catechumens were again given lessons and blessings along their path to Baptism.  These same rituals are part of the baptismal ceremonies.  St. Paul’s Epistle instructs us on evils to avoid and how to do so.  These are critical especially for parents who have been given the responsibility to raise their children as God wants.  The Gospel tells about Our Lord’s exorcising the devil and His defense of the blasphemies brought against Him by the Pharisees.  The account ends with praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary which Our Lord elevated to a supernatural order.

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