Previously Unpublished Sermon

Priestly Life: Human and Divine

Conference From
First Friday November 2014

To teach, rule, and sanctify are the three powers priests must employ to accomplish their purpose on earth.  Through preaching the priest shares the fruits of all he knows.  In ruling the priest is able to organize society according to the principals of the Church.  By sanctifying the priest makes the people truly holy.  The priest is called “Father,” because he gives life by healing and restoring the faithful.  The priest should offer all, especially the Mass, for the remission of sins.  God chose men, not angels, to be priests, because men know sin and can offer compassion to their fellow sinners.  But despite knowing sin, no one on earth has a greater obligation to perfection than the priest.  Priests belong entirely to Christ and must possess His mind and will.

Servants of the Holy Family