Dear Parent/Guardian:

This information sheet describes the Preparatory Seminary program that your son will be following during the coming year.

Your son will practice a spiritual regimen that will introduce him into the religious life, either of a priest or a brother.

Regarding your son’s education, you will still be in charge of that.  If you wish him to continue with the schooling you are currently following, that will be fine.  If, however, you would be interested in learning about online Catholic education you can speak with us about that.  Scholarships are available.

In addition to his standard high school curriculum as referenced above, your son will be asked to participate (either live or recorded) in community exercises by using our website’s ( live stream feature.  Included are the following: daily Mass, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Hour, Rosary, Spiritual Conferences, classes in Christian Doctrine, Stations of the Cross, Solemn/High Masses, Sermons, etc.  The traditional Latin Mass is the center of our liturgical life and the reason why we are endorsed by Catholic bishops worldwide who support the traditional Latin Mass.

We will be assisting him with his spiritual life which will include spiritual reading, instruction in prayer (especially liturgical and mental) and practice of good works (spiritual and corporal works of mercy).

With the guidance of our priests, your son will be able to live the Seminary life of a religious as has been done throughout the centuries in Preparatory Seminaries.

The following words of Pope Pius XII demonstrate the importance of Preparatory Seminaries:

“Sound studies are not always the only benefit to be drawn from minor seminaries, nor is this the main reason for their existence.  Sound Christian pedagogy confirmed by long centuries of experience teaches that true personality, strong virtue, and profound convictions are not formed in a haphazard manner.

“Life is too short, the years of adolescence and of youth are too delicate not to be in pressing need of guidance and protection.  The young man who has at heart to become a priest, must ripen in the climate most favorable to a lucid choice.  The education of his still fragile will requires prudence and respect.

“He will therefore find in the minor seminaries greatly experienced and solicitous counselors and teachers who will guide his step, stimulate his intelligence, develop his generosity and the feeling of his responsibility in the proper functioning of the seminary.

“If minor seminaries are so useful and beneficial, it is because their institution is based on a precise knowledge of the needs of the adolescent and Christian youth. Families can therefore rely on the wisdom of the Church to judge one’s aptitude for the priesthood and the means best suited to prepare for it.”

After reading this Information Sheet for the Online Preparatory Seminary Program, please complete the section below, sign where indicated and return this page to us.

By your signature we understand that you have read everything on Pages 1 and 2 and that you are in agreement with our Preparatory Seminary program for your son.

You are encouraged to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

We hope and pray that Our Lord will grant the priesthood to everyone who is accepted.  May God bless you and may Our Lady protect and guide you.

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