May the most just, the most higb, and the most amiable will of God be in all things done, praised, and magnified forever.

500 days. Plenary at the hour of death if this prayer has been frequently recited during life, provided that, after confession and Communion, or at least an act of contrition, the Name of Jesus is invoked, orally if possible, or at least in the heart, and death is accepted with resignation to God’s will (S. P. Ap .” Jan. 30. 1950).

Omnipotent Lord! Who dost permit evil that good may spring from it, listen to the humble prayers by whicb we ask of Thee the grace of remaining faithful to Thee even unto death. Grant us also, through the intercession of Mary ever blessed, that we may always conform ourselves to Thy most holy will.

My heart is ready, 0 God of my heart, to do Thy will. My God, I have willed it, that Thy law be ever in the midst of my heart.

o God, come to my aid. 0 Lord, make baste to help me.

500 days. Plenary under the usual conditions if recited every day for a month (Raccclta, 1950).

My God, unite all minds in the truth and all hearts in charity.

300 days (St. Pius X, Jan. 21, 1905; May 30, 1908).