May the Heart of Jesus he loved everywhere.

100 days once a day (Pius IX, Sept. 23, 1860).

Divine Heart of Jesus, convert sinners, save the dying, set free the holy souls in Purgatory.

300 days (St. Pius X, Nov. 6, 1906).

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, thirsting for our salva­tion, recall us faithless wanderers to a right mind, that we may not die in our sins.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, most perfect pattern of purity, make us to be clean of heart, that we may be worthy to be found like unto Thee.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, most meek with all Thine enemies, may Thy peace so reign in us that from our hearts we may forgive those that persecute and calumniate us.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, broken with sorrow for our sins, bestow on us a humble and contrite heart, that we may bring forth fruits worthy of penance.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, to Whom poverty was most dear, place us as a seal upon Thyself, that in Thee, as in our only treasure, our heart may ever wholly be.