Jesus, dearest Spouse of my soul, accept tbe desire which I have of consoling Your divine Heart and of belonging to You forever. Take possession of me in such a manner that from this day forth I may have no other freedom than that of loving You and no other life than that of suffering and dying for You.

o my Jesus, I promise to love and honor You to the last moment of my life and to spread the worship of Your Sacred Heart as much as I can.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus! 0 Heart of Love! Wilt Thou have my poor heart? Take it and plunge it into Thy Heart, that burning furnace of divine love, that it may be inflamed with charity.

o most amiable Heart! I love Thee because Thou art goodness itself. I offer Thee my heart and my whole being in order to honor and glorify Thee now and forever. Let me never displease Thee; help me ever to do what is most pleasing to Thee.

From the Prayer of Saint Margaret Mary.

o Sacred Heart of Jesus, most obedient to thy Father’s will, turn our hearts to Thyself that we may ever do those things which are pleasing to Thee.

Sweet Jesus! may Thine own patient, loving Heart teach me to lovc suffering and to prize highly every thorn Thou givest me from Thy crown, every splinter of Thy sacred Cross.