The Irony of God

Sermon From The 3rd Sunday after Epiphany 2014 The conversion of St. Paul was the single most important moment in the spread of the Church.  St. Stephen’s prayer, as he was stoned to death, called down on Saul the grace of his conversion.  This conversion in St. Paul meant a real change, unlike the half…


St. Nicholas

Conference On 1st Friday, December 2013 St. Nicholas is the great saint of Christmas, and he is loved by all.  Similar to St. Martin’s Day, the celebration of St. Nicholas was so popular that it was even adopted by Protestants as Santa Claus.  This early-Church bishop was considered a martyr because of what he suffered…


Sanctity Needs Great Desire

Sermon From The Feast Of All Saints 2013 Our Lord in the Gospel teaches the Beatitudes which show the blessedness of the saints.  We must have great desire to be holy and we can achieve this with prayer and effort.  Although non-Catholics criticize devotion to the saints they are not following Christian practice which dates…


The King and His Saints

Sermon From The Feast Of Christ the King 2013 On this feast of Christ the King we recall Quas Primas, the encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI, which explains this teaching on Our Lord’s social kingdom and the reasons for instituting this feast.  Later this week we have the holyday of obligation known as All…


Surprising Apostle

Sermon From 18th Sunday After Pentecost 2013 This sermon tells the story of Saint Matthew who was unique and unlike any of the other disciples chosen by Our Lord.  However, this sermon includes multiple talks including loyalty and friendship with the example of the friends to the man who was lowered down to Christ in…

Servants of the Holy Family