Lent Has Formally Begun

Sermon On The 1st Sunday of Lent 2014 Father Violette✟ Our sins are an infinite offense, because they offend an infinite God and although we cannot make adequate reparation, Our Lord has still instructed us to do penance.  This penance can only be performed with God’s supernatural help of grace.  We are guided by the…


Prepare for Christ’s Coming

Sermon From 4th Sunday of Advent 2013 Father Violette✟ We have weeks to prepare us for the major feasts of the Church to wake us up and ensure we are ready.  From all eternity God has a special grace for each one of us – the grace of Christmas.  We have ample time to prepare…


Believe And It Shall Be Done To You

Sermon From 24th Sunday After Pentecost 2013 Father Violette✟ We must first love God, then our neighbor, and then love ourselves according to God’s Will.  The three theological virtues are freely given, not earned.  When we reach heaven, faith and hope will no longer be needed, only charity will remain.  We practice charity, which is…

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