Traditor Not Traitor

Passion Sunday 2022
Saints this week include Sts. Isidore and Vincent Ferrer.  Friday honors our Mother of Sorrows.  We should imitate St. Joseph and the Holy Family and make every effort to attend Holy Week ceremonies, especially the Sacred Triduum.  St. Paul in the Epistle shows how the Old Testament prefigured Our Lord’s Passion and Death.  In the Gospel we see the conflict intensifying between Christ and the Pharisees because Jesus identifies Himself as God and one with the Father.  This so infuriates His enemies that they pick up building materials to stone Him but Our Lord hides from them.  We are reminded of this by the draping of the statues during these last two weeks of Lent called Passiontide.  We sinners, also,  have offended God and driven Him from our temples, our souls.



The Power of Desire

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Ask and You Shall Receive

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The Perfection Of Love

24th Sunday after Pentecost 2023 We should make a study of the saints for this coming week, each one of which gives an invaluable ...

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