The Story Of Faith

23rd Sunday After Pentecost 2022
Even though we are given great graces we still fall into sin, and many of these sins are committed out of weakness rather than malice.  We must never forget the great power of the sacramental of holy water, the use of which can take away our venial sins.  We have been given ample stories of the power of God and the aid He gives to the faithful.  Just as the enemies of Our Lord mocked Him, our enemies today do the same.  Throughout our life, it must be God alone who matters.


The Sin of Human Respect

Sunday after the Ascension 2024 Our Lord warned us that we would be ridiculed and persecuted by the world so we may not feel asham...

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Why Did He Ascend?

Ascension Thursday Evening 2024 Today is one of the happiest days of the year because we celebrate the triumph of Christ, and thro...

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The Paschal Mystery Completed

Ascension Thursday Morning 2024 After Christ sacrificed Himself for our sins and conquered death through His Resurrection, His phy...

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