The “O” Antiphons

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Gaudete Sunday 2013
The “O” Antiphons, which are chanted leading up to Christmas, look with anticipation towards the second coming of Christ.  “O Wisdom” refers to the Son of God under the title of the greatest intellectual ability and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  “O Adonai” calls on Christ’s help just as God guided the Hebrews out of Egypt.  “O Root of Jesse” refers to Christ’s lineage, and “O Key of David” refers to Our Lord’s role as King, Priest, and Prophet.  “O Oriens” shows Christ in the image of the dawning Sun bringing light to the world.  Finally, “O King of the Gentiles” and “O Emmanuel” remind us that our Savior will dwell among us and unite all people under his kingly rule.


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