The Heroic Life Of Mothers

5th Sunday after Easter 2023
This Mass prepares us for the feast of the Ascension.  We are joyful because “God has liberated His people.”  There are many who hear the word, but it does not move them to action.  The faith of those people is dead, and they will not enter Heaven.  We look to the Blessed Mother as the model of all mothers.  We see her share her Divine Son with the world.  She offers up her Son on the cross for the love of God and all mankind who are also her children. It is a heroic life to be a good mother.


In Se Propter Deum

Sunday After Ascension 2023 First Communion Sunday – We hear about the supremacy of the virtue of charity in today’s Epist...

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His Necessary Departure

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True And False Obedience

3rd Sunday after Easter 2023 Only those who are sorry receive that forgiveness of Christ.  Our Lord in this Gospel says that in a...

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Servants of the Holy Family