The Happiest People

18th Sunday After Pentecost 2019
Remnants of a dedication Mass are part of the Propers for today.  We seek peace and happiness in God’s House and we pray for these whenever we come to church.  The Collect and Epistle speak of the gift of grace which comes to us from the altar.  The Gospel shows the Divinity of Christ and how the grace of the sacraments, like Penance, heals our souls.  Also, this week is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila and it reminds us of the beauty of vocations to the Carmelite life.  The Sisters enjoy a happiness with Our Lord that is above any worldly considerations.


The Fight for Salvation

Laetare Sunday 2023 As we pass the middle of Lent, we are given this Sunday a spirit of joy.  The Holy Catholic Church is the new...

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Lest We Forget

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Not Of This World

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Servants of the Holy Family