The Fool’s Thoughts Are In His Mouth

Day 25th Sunday after Pentecost

The scripture passages remind us not to be guilty of detraction by speaking of the faults of others.  We are told that we may not like another person but we must still love that person in that we fervently desire and pray for their salvation.  Once a person’s reputation is damaged how can it be repaired?  A person who reveals the faults of others without cause is a fool who has his thoughts in his mouth whereas a wise man has his thoughts in his heart.  It is difficult sometimes to keep control of our tongue but this is precisely why we must do it so that the adage “we are Christians by our love” is truly the one we live by.  We must “sow the seeds of love not hate” to use an analogy from today’s gospel, lest we be among the “weeds gathered up to be burned at the harvest.”


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