The First Day of Our Redemption

Octave Of Christmas 2023
Based on the infallible consensus of the Church Fathers, and the unaltered testimony of Tradition, Catholics believe in the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin.  Just as Christ passed through the stone of His tomb after His resurrection, He passed through the womb of His Mother on the day of the Nativity, leaving it unopened.  On this octave day after His birth, Our Lord shed His first drops of blood for our redemption.  Every suffering of God in His human nature had infinite merit, and His humility in those moments is beyond all understanding.  Let us promise once and for all to be good this year.


Instruction To The Youth

Q&A Conference September 2023 Children can sometimes be crueler than adults and hurt feelings can last a lifetime.  If we are...

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The Lowest of God’s Creatures

16th Sunday after Pentecost 2023 St. Joseph of Cupertino is truly one of the greatest saints.  His holiness and miracles were und...

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Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Feast of the Seven Sorrows 2023 All of Our Lord’s acts had infinite value because He is God.  The Blessed Virgin Mary is ca...

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