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Feast of The Sacred Heart 2024
This feast was created relatively recently in the history of the Church, yet it was foreshadowed even in the Old Testament.  As God took the rib from Adam’s side while he slept to form his great love, Eve, so while Christ slept in death on the Cross the Church was brought forth from the wound in His side.  In this Epistle St. Paul speaks in utter amazement about the love of the Sacred Heart.  The essence of religion is found in the love of God the Son for God the Father, and all our prayers find their value when they are united with this love.  Even if we possess all the faith in the world, we will still not be saved if we do not have love.  Anyone who has loved has known the pain of love.  Can we even imagine the pain of Christ’s Heart when He saw how little He would be loved in return?


Nothing Without God

3rd Sunday after Pentecost 2024 Green vestments are worn during this season to express the virtue of Hope.  We are instructed to ...

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A Vocation Worth the Fight

2nd Sunday after Pentecost 2024 Tonsure Ceremony With first tonsure one becomes a cleric.  This ceremony has been part of the Chu...

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Communion of Reparation

Feast of Corpus Christi 2024 We should strive to better understand the feast of Corpus Christi from both a historical and doctrina...

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