That They May Be One

11th Sunday after Pentecost 2019 – Q&A Conference
The Introit for this Mass states that God is in His holy place and the people dwell there in union of mind.  This unity in Faith is a gift we enjoy and is a fulfillment of Christ’s prayer at the Last Supper when He compared this oneness to that which the Father and Son have.  Our Sacred Heart shrine contains the relic of an early Christian.  This man believed the same Faith and lived according to the same moral life that we profess and follow today.  This relic is our tangible link to the Faith of the Apostles.  The Gospel today reminds us of the ceremonies of Baptism which free us from the evil influences of the devil.


The Great Evil of Venial Sin

2nd Sunday in Lent 2024 St. Paul calls us to make “even greater progress,” but in order to do so, we must begin attacking our ...

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Impurity and Penance

1st Sunday in Lent 2024 We are particularly the objects of temptation during this season in which God is calling us to sanctity. ...

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The Real Battle

Ash Wednesday Evening 2024 Our heart should remain forever in the chapel with Our Lord.  Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are the ...

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