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Pentecost Sunday 2023
The Jewish feast of Pentecost celebrated the reception of the Old Law, which God gave to Moses.  During the nine days between the Ascension of Our Lord and this feast of Pentecost the apostles prayed the first novena, which was led by the Blessed Mother.  If we wish to progress swiftly in the spiritual life, we must follow the example of the apostles and go to Our Lady.  It is foolish for any priest to rely on his own skills as a preacher because just as it was with the first sermon of St. Peter on this day, it is the Holy Ghost Who moves the hearts of men.


Nothing Without God

3rd Sunday after Pentecost 2024 Green vestments are worn during this season to express the virtue of Hope.  We are instructed to ...

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The Compendium of All Religion

Feast of The Sacred Heart 2024 This feast was created relatively recently in the history of the Church, yet it was foreshadowed ev...

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A Vocation Worth the Fight

2nd Sunday after Pentecost 2024 Tonsure Ceremony With first tonsure one becomes a cleric.  This ceremony has been part of the Chu...

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