Sharing Of His Blood

Feast Of The Precious Blood 2017

The feast of the Precious Blood was instituted by the saintly Pope Pius IX in gratitude for the restoration of Rome to the Holy See.  St. Peter called Our Lord’s Blood Precious in his epistle and It is so because of the hypostatic union which joins Christ’s humanity to His divinity.  The Sacrifice of the Mass as that on Calvary depends on the shedding of this Blood and our communion with It.  Our bodies are thereby sanctified as temples of God and should never be cremated.  The Precious Blood sustained the early church during centuries of persecution so successfully that by the time of Constantine there were 1800 dioceses.  Finally, there is a special message for priests and aspirants to the priesthood on the sanctifying power of the Holy Mass as seen in the life of St. Bernadino Realino whose holiness was attested by miracles from his own blood.


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