Season For The Humble

Septuagesima Sunday 2017

Septuagesima Sunday gives us notice that we are in the season of 70 days before Easter.   In this a time of preparation for the Lenten season, we need to cultivate the virtue of humility which wars against the vice of pride.  Humility, although absolutely necessary for us to attain heaven, is one of the most difficult virtues to achieve because of the times in which we live.  All the inducements of the world tell us we have nothing for which to be sorry. Yet we know that a humble person stands before God in a far more desirable manner than a proud one.  In fact, it has been said that a proud man will never get to Heaven.  So, we have this seventy-day period to practice the virtue of humility not by “beating at the air” but by subjecting our bodies to a vigorous regime of prayer and sacrifice, leading to the prize we all desire – our eternal salvation.    



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