Our Promised Land

Easter Vigil 2024
Our time of training as catechumens and penitents is almost over.  We begin this ceremony in the darkness of the tomb where the light of Christ will be restored.  Without the Resurrection, our faith is in vain.  This light is carried by the clergy and the people and is meant to be spread throughout the whole world.  The deacon represents St. Mary Magdalene while he proclaims the joy of the Resurrection.  By God’s grace we may be restored to our baptismal innocence and be worthy to enter the true Promised Land of Heaven.


The Sin of Human Respect

Sunday after the Ascension 2024 Our Lord warned us that we would be ridiculed and persecuted by the world so we may not feel asham...

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Why Did He Ascend?

Ascension Thursday Evening 2024 Today is one of the happiest days of the year because we celebrate the triumph of Christ, and thro...

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The Paschal Mystery Completed

Ascension Thursday Morning 2024 After Christ sacrificed Himself for our sins and conquered death through His Resurrection, His phy...

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