Our Faithful Angels

1st Friday Conference October 2015
So many Catholics desire a greater understanding of the Mass.  The Consecration of the Mass is surrounded by rituals and rubrics that are filled with meaning.  When you appreciate the meaning of these rubrics you see the true beauty of the Mass and the great evil of those who would wish to destroy it.  There is no dogma of the Faith which teaches infallibly the doctrine of Guardian Angels, however, the evidence from Scripture and Tradition is so overwhelming that it is considered infallible.  When Christ speaks of the angels watching over the “little ones,” He is not speaking only of children but of all who are innocent.  Our Guardian Angels preserve us from dangers to our body and soul, as well as temptations from the evil spirit.  They inspire holy thoughts and aid us in performing virtuous acts.  From the testimonies of many saints, we know that our angels never tire of being with us all day long and watching over us at every moment.


Nothing Without God

3rd Sunday after Pentecost 2024 Green vestments are worn during this season to express the virtue of Hope.  We are instructed to ...

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The Compendium of All Religion

Feast of The Sacred Heart 2024 This feast was created relatively recently in the history of the Church, yet it was foreshadowed ev...

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A Vocation Worth the Fight

2nd Sunday after Pentecost 2024 Tonsure Ceremony With first tonsure one becomes a cleric.  This ceremony has been part of the Chu...

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