My Little White Guest

Holy Thursday 2016

This sermon is all about Agape which is that selfless, sacrificial, unconditional Love, which Jesus has first for His Father and then for us.  It is the Love that He demonstrated on Holy Thursday when He told his disciples, “I will not leave you orphans” and gave them and us through them, the Eucharist and Holy Priesthood to be with us until He comes again in Glory.  It is also the Love which inspired Him to wash the feet of His disciples and to give them the command, “If, then, I, being your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.”  This is called the Mandatum and it is our charge as well – that selfless Love we must share with one another.  It is, in the final analysis, why He took upon Himself all of our sins, suffered, and died on the cross to win for us eternal salvation with His Father in Heaven.  The only question for us is: How will we return that Love?


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