Meditation On The Resurrection

Easter Vigil 2016

What does it mean for us to say: Christ rose from the dead?  It means that He finally and once and for all overcame Death and gave us a hope for our own resurrection if we stay true to His words.  This awesome act of the Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, is the most profound and stupendous act in all of human history and the symbols of the Fire, Paschal Candle, Holy Water that He left us are meant to give us a glimpse of the compassion Jesus has for us as we travel the road set for us when He said to His disciples: “I will not leave you orphans.”  It is important also that we remember the large number of people who give testimony to this Event – that it was not just a story or fable of some kind but that it really happened.


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Servants of the Holy Family