Marriage of the Incarnation

The Holy Name Of Jesus 2022
This day can also be called the feast of God’s friendship with man.  It began to be celebrated in the fifth century but its origins reach back to the Old Testament when God first gave His Name of “Yahweh” which means “I am, Who Am” to Moses.  The reverence towards this Name was such that it could only be spoken once a year by the high priest in the Holy of Holies.  Once God became man He was given the Name of Jesus meaning Savior.  Now we are encouraged to say God’s Name often and if done repeatedly on our deathbed St. Francis de Sales said we will have a peaceful death.


Lest We Forget

3rd Sunday In Lent 2023 We must never presume that our way is better than God’s.  During this season we should read the texts f...

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Not Of This World

1st Sunday In Lent 2023 The ashes distributed on Ash Wednesday are a reminder that all the descendants of Adam came from the dust ...

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Season of Consolation

Ash Wednesday 2023 We think of the sins we must avoid but rarely do we think of the virtues we must practice.  How often when we ...

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Servants of the Holy Family