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Octave Of Christmas 2017

The Octave Day Of Christmas is a re-celebration of the Nativity.  It also commemorates the Circumcision of Our Lord as well as the Solemnity of The Blessed Virgin Mary.  The Church has long celebrated major feasts for more than just one day through what are called octaves or 8-day periods, week-long celebrations which include the day of the Feast itself.  Today is the 8th day of the Octave of the Nativity and it gives us the opportunity to once again rejoice in this tremendous Feast Of Christmas.  As well, it celebrates the Circumcision of Our Lord which is a “type” for our Christian Baptism, as it was for the Jews a sign of the individual’s acceptance into the “chosen people” or the Jewish religion of the Old Testament.  Inasmuch as the circumcision of Jesus was carried out on the lap of the Mother of God, it also reflects the solemnity of Mary in Her singular role as Co-Redemptrix of the human race.


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