From Dust to Dust

Ash Wednesday 2024
The Church reminds us of the fate that awaits all men.  We are mortal and destined to return to dust.  The sacramental of blessed ashes reminds us of our mortality and also the transient nature of worldly glory.  From the triumphant Roman generals to the Byzantine emperors,  a Memento Mori has been a common practice to remind men that if their hearts are set on perishable things, their souls will perish with them.  For good Catholics this is not a season of sorrow but of liberation from the attachments of the world.  We should see every day we are given as a merciful call from God for a conversion of life.


Necessity of Priestly Vocations

Good Shepherd Sunday 2024 If we have charity, we desire the salvation of all our neighbors and pray for both our loved ones and ou...

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Avoiding Occasions of Sin

Low Sunday 2024 Today is called Low Sunday because it is small in comparison to the great feast of Easter.  St. Thomas’ doubt h...

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Our Joyous Victory

Easter Sunday Morning 2024 To prove His divinity, Our Lord truly rose from the dead – physically, materially, corporeally.  The...

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