Forgetting Self

15th Sunday After Pentecost 2022
The Epistle for this Mass warns us against vanity.  It should be easy for us to see our neighbor as better than we are, because we know our own sins and we do not know how others will be judged.  How humble should we be when we remember that our sins affect the whole Mystical Body and make us deserving of hell?  We must hate our sins, love those who despise us, and embrace the humiliations that God sees fit to send us.


His Battle Is Continued In Us

Feast of St. Michael 2023 Devotion to St. Michael predates the Church herself.  In the Old Testament he was the protector of God�...

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Instruction To The Youth

Q&A Conference September 2023 Children can sometimes be crueler than adults and hurt feelings can last a lifetime.  If we are...

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The Lowest of God’s Creatures

16th Sunday after Pentecost 2023 St. Joseph of Cupertino is truly one of the greatest saints.  His holiness and miracles were und...

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