Door To The Sheepfold

1st Friday Conference May 2022
The pagan view is that man is constituted by his work.  Without work, man is not human.  The Catholic view is that work is an expression of the man.  St. Joseph the “faber” is the example of all workers.

Good Shepherd Sunday gave place to the feast of St. Joseph this year, but the Gospel account would not be overlooked.  Christ identifies Himself as the door to the sheepfold.  In those days, the shepherds would build a corral to protect the sheep at night, with one shepherd chosen to guard the door so that he might only let in those who truly belong in the fold.  This example was used to combat those who were teaching without authority.  Christ is the Good Shepard, whom the sheep know, trust, and follow.  It was shocking for the people of Christ’s time to hear Him say that He loved His sheep to the point that He would give His life for them.  He feeds us through the Holy Eucharist and other sacraments and asks for only our heart in return.

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