Convert All Nations

Ascension Thursday 2015
The dogma of the Ascension of Our Lord is the only dogma to be proclaimed by the angels.  The Scriptures were written by practical men who desired proofs to support their belief.  We review the story of the Ascension to increase our understanding and to love it better.  The souls of the just were waiting in patient expectation of this day.  Following the divine command, the Apostles traveled far and wide to convert the world.  Only the Catholic Church has produced all the great saints and the miracles to confirm their teaching.  This day Christ ended His visible mission on earth and will soon send the Holy Ghost.


The Gift of Wisdom

7th Sunday after Pentecost 2024 The readings for today’s Mass teach us about the seventh Gift of the Holy Ghost – wisdom.�...

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God’s Promises Accomplished

Conference on 1st Friday July 2024 In St. Paul’s instruction to the young bishop, St. Timothy, he emphasized the importance of s...

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Our Hope in His Blood

Feast of the Precious Blood 2024 The devotion to the Most Precious Blood encompasses every aspect of our Faith, because it is thro...

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