Closing Our Eyes to the World

Passion Sunday 2023
During the season of Passiontide, we are meant to die completely to the “old man.”  Our conversion during Lent is now to be perfected during these last two weeks.  We have not only given up our vices, but now even the spiritual consolations that we find in the saints, and the greatest consolation of the crucifix, are all veiled and removed from our view.  We have been given the chance to close our eyes to the world and practice true recollection in our mediation on Christ’s sufferings.  With the use of the Mass, we can amend all the shortcoming of our Lenten practices, and be truly united to the sacrifice of our Savior.


Our Joyous Victory

Easter Sunday Morning 2024 To prove His divinity, Our Lord truly rose from the dead – physically, materially, corporeally.  The...

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Our Promised Land

Easter Vigil 2024 Our time of training as catechumens and penitents is almost over.  We begin this ceremony in the darkness of th...

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We Must Be Changed

Good Friday 2024 We do not have the Mass today because even though the Mass is the re-presentation of Our Lord’s death, it is al...

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